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Welcome to steeltoedboots.

The paycheck section is not a place where you can look at my resume.It is where you will find stories about earning a paycheck.

The desert section has stories and pictures of living in Southeaast AZ. Lets call them dispatches from the desert.

The written section is poetry and prose. Of course the whole site is filled with my writing but this is the formal holding pen.

The video gallery at present is an archive of past video and film endeavors.You can find a filmography, a one minute super 8 film for you to watch, a history of screenings and a statement about my work.

The Listen page is where I have some links to good radio and great artists. It hasnt been updated much because some things are as good as they can get.

  ELECTION related: please read inspired rally speech given by my favorite living writer charles bowden

new (9.04) in the written section:  
Perfect Toad
Front and Back
Loose Mail

Revised in the film section:Statement

and new in desert section: story of the house

drawings and paintings in
Know Your America Gallery Part I , Part II

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